Comparing yourself to social media…

This post will be focusing on the seemingly never ending body issues so many men and women are facing. We live in a world where everywhere we go, we have platforms feeding us information.

Social media for example, in many aspects can be beneficial. Connecting us to others, giving us the ability to express our creativity and potentially act as a marketing platform for a business setup. All well and good, there is an aspect of social media to be taken with caution.


‘Booty Goals, Ab Goals, Lifestyle aspirations.’ While these posts are great to inspire to, its key to remember that these are not reality. They are not real! Sadly this shapes the collective cultural attitude towards how we should look, for both men and women. In turn, inflicting low self esteems as we naturally compare ourselves. Automatically, we put ourselves on the lower pedestal. Its super important to remember this platform truly isn’t real life, even those supermodels (who have been photoshopped) in those pictures, will look very different in real life!

So next time you scroll through your instagram.. Remind yourself you’re beautiful too!

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