Feeling Alone? Read this…

The dark cloud, its always there.

Sometimes hides itself through all shapes and sizes, one day weighing you down like a ton of bricks, and others feeling like a distant ache in the background.

It causes you do not speak out to your friends and family, feeling embarrassed and uneasy contemplating how/what you would say, and how would they react?   Depression and Anxiety tend to go hand in hand, both equally or one more dominant than the other. Yet they both have a, what I personally believe as a ‘domino effect.’

The more you worry, the more depression taps your shoulder, and the heavier the weight on your shoulders, the anxious thoughts worrying about the depression kick in, right?  

This most may feel heavy to read, but its the reality of what so many people are dealing with. That feeling that you virtually are stuck in your world of these overwhelming emotions, and that you haven’t got anyone to possibly speak to, relate, or share them with is a feeling that sadly both bring to the table. Many people may find themselves thinking, “Wow, if only these people knew what was going on behind closed doors” Ive certainly had those thoughts before. I actually was told recently how I always seem to be cheerful! Of corse, this was a compliment yet felt very ironic.

If you are feeling this way, of corse the first point of action is to look at who you have around you that you can speak to. But in reality, sometimes (and often) what is needed is to feel understood, and sometimes, friends and family can’t always be those people, regardless if they are around or not, or if due to different life experiences, they some times simply cannot offer the comfort you need.

Its crucial to recovery to feel understood and connected with others who you can feel related to. For some, this IS and wonderfully their friends and family. Others, its not.

This post is aimed for those who are in the latter category to feel more connected and confident that recovery is possible and on the way.


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