Signs its time to let go of a friendship

“You don’t drown by falling in water. You drown by staying there.” – Unknown.

As much as we would like our friends to be in our lives forever, psychologists now confirm that many friendships have their expiration dates.

Here are three signs its time to part ways:

1.Are you, you?

Do you find those oh so funny mutual jokes, just are not the same anymore? Do you feel uncomfortable expressing certain aspects of yourself? For example, when I began to transition to quitting eating meat, I often found myself justifying my personality, ensuring people around me I wouldn’t become one of those who shove animals rights down their throats? Granted, this isn’t me. But I also cant morally agree with eating meat, and yes it does give me certain feelings watching someone dig into a burger. My true friends, understand my decisions and its a topic I avoid. However, if those around you don’t respect your decisions and mock your beliefs… Time to go!

2. Are you giving 5 star service?

One of the beautiful things about friendships, is having someone to listen, understand and be there in times of need. But hey, friendships aren’t a retail store, otherwise you would be an employee. This is a valued aspect of a relationship that both parties should reciprocate. Naturally within friendships, efforts wont be totally equal, but overall is what counts. Thats perfectly okay. There will be those times where you will be listening to them explain their feelings for Mark three months down the line… But ensure they would do the same for you too.

3. Whats your gut telling you?

Generally, our gut instincts can tell when something isn’t genuine. (Ensuring we listen to them that is.)  Do you feel that things are forced? Or like a transaction? We all have emotional needs that friendships can soothe… but does it feel they are around for selfish reasons? Would they till be around if you couldn’t offer certain things or efforts to the friendship? It can feel very heavy if someone is seeking your friendship to full fill their needs, this is something we can only truly do ourselves. In turn, this can be a heavy burden to carry and affect your emotions too.


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