The Real Fairytale Ending

Searching for love to escape ourselves is seemingly popular. When we grow up, we are bombarded with these fairytale endings of happy relationships, marriages and families.

Love, break ups, marriage, the phased attitude of… “pfft relationships? who needs them?” and most likely… back in another relationship sooner than expected. Our life lines tend to look more alike a connect the dots, rather than the pitch perfect timeline.

And that, is totally okay. In fact its exciting, crazy, sometimes boring and yet very manic. We tend to project our happiness goals into the future, imagining that stage in life of which we predict suddenly everything will come together and fulfill ourselves.

throughout all this, it soon becomes clear the person you really need to marry is, you. Yes… you. When you do this, the mayhem of your past and current relationship experiences sort of become a tally of your lessons and wisdom. Instead of worrying about what you want in the future, your past lessons will be a mountain of personal development, wisdom and growth. 

When you commit to your own well-being, take full responsibility for your emotional health, your priorities will change. The running around endlessly and emotionally for the approval of others, making everyone else happy, and missing out on the things you love, will come to a halt. You will lose some people, but gain some too.

Ever found yourself going for the same ‘type?’ Or re living past experiences? The universe has this canny way of giving you the same experiences until you learn the lesson assigned to you. This is often within our relationships.

So marry yourself first, and see what happens. 😉


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