When it all goes Pete Tong…

“We all have shit on our shoes. We’ve just got to realize it so we don’t track it into the house.”

Ironic how blog posts generally come whilst I am snacking.. hey?

Shit happens. Its painful, frustrating and bloody inconvenient sometimes.

However, what really is important is how we utilise these random events and what we do about them. A friend of mine, today was informed their contract was about to suddenly end at their workplace. (It was legal-Ha!) The convocation began a little like this…

“Its Christmas, I haven’t done any shopping, I have so much to pay for, I have so many bills, I haven’t been informed early enough, why me!” And within her reason, she felt frustrated and anxious. The feeling of hurt and betrayal was also apparent, as if this circumstance had happened specifically to her personally.

We need to remember, no matter how much you ruminate, worry, stress and complain. It will not change the situation. Only radical action is going to generate any further positive outcome.

So… What did she decide to do? Stop drowning in anxiety and fear, feel sad for a moment and then get into action mode. Sometimes you have to really look at each situation and judge your judgement. Re evaluate how your viewing the situation… 99% of the time the perspective your having will generate only more suffering, and sometimes even more than the original event itself.

Her contract ending, in itself wasn’t a huge issue. She was somewhat aware it was to happen. Re assessing her goals, looking for a more exciting opportunity, finding better pay possibly, meeting new people, new challenges and prospects? These are all things that can come from this seemingly unfortunate situation.

Next time something bad happens, use it to your advantage.

It won’t seem like your world is ending after all. 😉

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