What is Suffering?

The state of undergoing pain, distress, or hardship.

Broad question, dont you think?

Many of us wonder through lives with forever changing experiences, mental or physical. But what really is suffering? Seems almost as if that answer is dependent on the person asked.

Depression? Anxiety? Bi-Polar? Cancer? Arthritis? Grief?

Well, the truth is the term does of course, cover all these things. When looking closely however they are all interlinked. A person can experience a whole range of the above in their life, and these events can be almost intertwined with each other. For example, Anxiety with consequential depression or ADHD. Or a physical illness such as Arthritis or cancer, alongside the major depression or Bi-Polar. (Not medically stating these are necessary related, or as a consequential affect.)

But what is apparent, is that we truly tend to have a cocktail of ingredients within our lives at any given time. Some following our intended recipe, others thrown into the mix.

These negative experiences can be transended into positive outcomes, with hard work, perserverange and courage to take total responsibility for your emotional wellbeing. This alchemy, is supported by spiritualists and psychologists. AKA- Post- Traumatic Growth.

Sometimes it takes traumatic experiences to force us into personal development, quickly.

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